Small Break

Sunday 16th of April 2017

Small break

Tarun scratched his head.

He found the sum too difficult to solve.

This was the second time he tried.

He felt a bit frustrated.

Shadow was still barking.

He had started barking about ten minutes ago.

It was a big distraction.

Still, Tarun did not want to get up to see why Shadow was barking.

Finally he got up.

"What's wrong with you, Shadow?" he asked aloud, whilst walking towards the kennel.

Shadow wagged his tail once or twice.

Then he turned the other way and started barking loud as ever.

Tarun saw the reason only then.

An iguana was making its way around the garden.

On seeing Tarun, it disappeared through an opening in the parapet wall.

"Now, keep quiet. I want to do my sums in peace" Tarun told Shadow.

Shadow wagged his tail again.

Just then Tarun saw a parrot at the bird feed.

He watched the beautiful bird for a while before entering the house.

He sat at the desk and started working on the sum again.

To his surprise he could solve it this time.

Tarun was overjoyed.

He took Shadow out of the kennel and played with him for some time.

Later in the evening he told Thaththa about his breakthrough.

"Sometimes, all what our mind needs is a small break!" he replied.

Tarun completely agreed with him.


Why was Tarun frustrated?

What did the iguana do after seeing Tarun?

According to father what does mind need at times?