Aunt Medha's Gift

Wednesday 12th of April 2017

T-shirt 2

The Sinhala and Tamil New Year was approaching fast.

Aunt Medha, who was Amma's sister, decided to pay them a visit.

Aunt Medha had planned to spend the New Year in the village with Tara's grandparents.

So she dropped by early to hand over the New Year gifts to Tara and her family.

She left after spending an hour or so.

After she left, everyone opened their gift bags.

There was an orange pinafore dress for Tara.

Tarun had received a blue T-shirt.

There was a beautiful dress for Amma and an elegant shirt for Thaththa.

Tara tried on the dress.

It was perfect. She was so happy!

However, Tarun found the T-shirt to be too small for him.

"You grow too fast, Tarun. Aunt Medha would have thought that you are still small!" said Amma,

consoling Tarun.

The next day at around 10AM, a car stopped in front of the gate.

Amma went to see who it was.

She returned with a bag.

Tara and Tarun came out of the house.

"Who was that, Amma?" they asked.

"That was Aunt Medha... she just left!" said Amma, with an unsettled look on her face.

"Tarun, why did you tell Aunt that your shirt was too small?" asked Amma.

"Aunt had come to give another T-shirt!" she added.

"I did not tell her anything!" said Tarun.

"Did you tell Aunt?" Amma asked Tara.

Tara looked down.

"I called Aunt last evening to tell her that the dress was really nice," Tara started talking.

"I said that Aiya's T-shirt was too small for him.." she said guiltily.

"Tara, gift receivers are not supposed to tell gift givers the flaws of their gifts," said Amma kindly.

Tara realized her fault.

"It will not happen again!" she promised.

"Thank you for getting me another T-shirt!" Tarun said sheepishly to cheer up Tara.

Tara punched her brother in the stomach playfully.


Why did Aunt Medha visit Tara’s family before the New Year?

Why did Aunt return the next day?

What, according to Amma, should gift receivers avoid doing?