The Fall

Sunday 9th of April 2017

The fall 2

Tara and Amanda went to the library.

Anjula too joined them a little later.

After some time, the three friends left the library.

Just as they were leaving the library, the bell rang.

They raced down the staircase.

The next period was Math.

They wanted to reach the class before the teacher did.

Several other students from other classes left the library too.

The three friends could hear their footsteps behind.

They were in a hurry too.

All of a sudden, Tara was pushed by a student who was walking behind her.

Tara lost balance and leaned on Amanda.

Amanda was only one step above the landing.

She landed on the landing on her knees.

So it was not a bad fall.

But, it still hurt.

"You pushed Tara!" Anjula angrily told the girl who had been standing behind Tara.

"And then Tara fell on Amanda!" she added.

Since Anjula was behind her friends, she had seen this happening.

The girl who pushed Tara looked scared.

"I am sorry" she said softly.

Tara was comforting Amanda.

Amanda had a few small bruises.

A teacher who happened to pass by saw the scene.

"What happened?" she asked.

"This girl pushed Tara and she fell on Amanda and Amanda fell down!" explained Anjula.

The teacher frowned at the student who pushed Tara.

"Don’t you know how to behave in school?" she asked the girl.

She spoke to Amanda to make sure that she was alright.

"Now go to your classes!" she told the students.

"This would not have happened if you left the library at least five minutes before the bell rang!"

said the teacher, just as she was leaving the area.

Tara knew that was true.

"We lost sense of time when we were in the library!" she told her friends.

"The next time, let's leave at least five minutes before the bell rings!" said Amanda, agreeing with


The three friends hurried towards the class then.


Why did Tara, Amanda and Anjula race down the staircase?

Who pushed Tara?

What did the teacher tell the students how to avoid such an incident?