Finger Marks

Wednesday 5th of April 2017

Fridge 4

Amma was talking to Thaththa.

It was about their fridge.

It had been giving them problems.

"I will get it fixed," promised Thaththa.

He went to town and returned with a workman.

The workman fixed the problem.

"This fridge will work smoothly for the next three years" he said.

After he left, Amma and Thaththa started reading the newspapers.

Tara went and had a look at the fridge.

When she looked closer she saw a few finger marks on the fridge door.

Tara took a sponge and wet it a little.

She started gently rubbing off the marks.

Just as she was finishing off Amma walked into the pantry.

Tara raised her head.

"The workman's finger marks were on the door" she explained to Amma.

Amma walked up to Tara and stroked her head.

"You are a good girl" she said.

Tara felt good.

"Let's make some chocolate biscuit pudding today, since you and Thaththa both like it so much"

suggested Amma.

Tara beamed. She loved chocolate biscuit pudding!


What did Amma talk to Thaththa about?

What did Tara see when she had a closer look at the fridge?

What did Amma do after walking up to Tara?