Ants In Sink

Sunday 2nd of April 2017

Ants in sink 3

Tara closed her tiffin box.

She had finished eating her sandwiches.

Amanda closed her lunchbox too.

She joined Tara to go to the bathroom to wash their hands.

Anjula was still eating her food.

However when she saw her two friends leaving the classroom, she stopped eating.

"Wait, I'm coming too!" Amanda told her friends.

"Look at my fingers!" she said, as she showed her fingers to her friends.

"Oh dear, jam all over!" said Amanda.

"Yes, wood apple jam!" said Anjula, smiling.

"You still can’t eat without getting your fingers soiled!" Amanda laughed.

"Yes, even my mother says I am still like a baby!" Anjula giggled.

The three friends entered the bathroom.

The bathroom was crowded.

However, one sink was empty.

The three friends proceeded to that empty sink.

They saw that the sink was full of ants.

Someone had dropped some breadcrumbs there.

"Oh dear!" said Tara.

Anjula tried to open the tap.

Amanda held her hand.

"Please don’t, because the ants will be killed!" explained Amanda.

"How are we going to wash our hands then?" asked Anjula.

Tara had a few tissues in her hand.

She gently pushed a few ants away.

The other ants too followed them.

"The fault is with the person who left the breadcrumbs here," said Amanda.

"Yes, the poor ants, they have come because of food" Tara agreed.

Anjula nodded her head in agreement.

She opened the tap and started washing her hands.


Why did Anjula stop eating?

Why had the ants come to the sink?

What did Tara do with the tissues?