Bedsheet Sellers

Wednesday 29th of March 2017

Bedsheet sellers 4

Tarun and Nipun were having a chat.

They were in the garden of Nipun’s house.

The two friends heard someone shouting loudly.

"Bed sheets, bedsheets.."

Tarun and Nipun looked through the gate.

Two people were walking down the street.

Both of them carried white canes.

So Tarun and Nipun figured that they were blind.

Each vendor had a load on their heads.

One of them looked elderly.

The other appeared to be of middle age.

Nipun opened the gate.

"Excuse me, can you come in?" asked Nipun, interrupting the two sellers.

"Yes, Sir" replied the elderly seller.

Tarun ran into Nipun’s house and broke the news to Nipun’s father.

"Come in, come in!" said Nipun’s father, inviting the sellers into the house.

Once they were seated, Nipun’s father started talking to them.

Nipun’s mother joined the conversation too.

Tarun figured that the sellers travel about ten kilometres on a daily basis.

Their disability had not stopped them.

Nipun’s father bought two bedsheets from them.

He paid them an additional five hundred rupees.

Nipun’s mother served them a soft drink.

"Will you come to our house also? It’s right opposite this house!" Tarun asked the vendors.

He was certain that his mother too would buy something from them.

"Sure, Sir!" said the vendors excitedly.

Tarun left Nipun’s home with the sellers.


How did the two boys figure that the sellers were blind?

Why did Tarun run into Nipun’s house?

What was Tarun certain about?