Kitty In Trouble

Sunday 26th of March 2017

Kitty in trouble 3

It was a Saturday.

Tara was in her room.

Suddenly, she heard a loud laugh from the garden.

It was her brother Tarun.

“Serves you right, serves you right!” she heard him saying loudly.

Then he burst into laughter again.

Tara was amused.

“What’s so funny?” she thought.

She got up and ran to the garden.

Tarun was under the mango tree, looking up.

Tara too looked up.

Oh dear! Kitty was on the tree!

He had climbed halfway up the tree.

“Meow, meow”, Kitty meowed for help.

“He chased a squirrel all the way up!” said Tarun, still laughing.

Kitty used to climb the tree and get on to the parapet wall.

The branch leading to the wall was growing beyond the wall.

It was leaning onto the neighbour's garden.

So a few days back, Thaththa got the branch pruned.

Kitty did not know about this.

He was very bad at climbing down the trees just like other cats.

So now there was no way of getting down.

“Aiya, please help him. Please go up and bring him down!” pleaded Tara.

“I won’t. Why does he chase squirrels?” asked Tarun, smiling.

“You stay up there, Kitty!” he said looking at Kitty.

Kitty started meowing loudly.

Thaththa heard the loud cry of Kitty and came out of the house.

He too could not help laughing.

However he asked Tarun to bring the cat down.

“He can’t help chasing squirrels, Putha. That’s his animal instinct!” explained Thaththa.

“But that does not mean that we can’t train them to stop that,” he added.

Tarun went up the tree and brought the cat down.

“Kitty, this is the last time I am bringing you down!” Tarun told Kitty.

“Hope he will learn the lesson!” said Thaththa, smiling.

Tara collected Kitty from her brother.

“Kitty, no more running behind squirrels, okay?” emphasized Tara.

“Meow” replied Kitty loudly.


Why did Kitty climb the mango tree?

Why did Thaththa get the branch that led to wall, pruned?

What did Tarun say when he brought Kitty down?