New Uniform

Wednesday 22nd of March 2017

New uniform 2

Anjula entered the classroom.

She was wearing a new uniform.

It looked so bright.

Both Tara and Amanda noticed that.

"New pinch, new pinch!" said Tara and Amanda, as they pinched her softly.

Tara looked at her own uniform.

It was not too old.

But, it wasn't too new either.

So it was not as bright as Anjula’s uniform.

Tara wished that she too had a new uniform.

She usually got new uniforms at the beginning of a term.

But this was the middle of a term.

Anjula kept her bag on the table and walked up to Tara.

"I don’t like new uniforms!" said Anjula, with a worried look on her face.

"Why?" asked a surprised Tara.

"Look at these pleats. They are so puffed up, and not neat!" replied Anjula.

"Look at yours. Your pleats are in order and so neat!" she added.

Tara looked at the pleats of Anjula’s uniform. They looked puffed up.

Then she looked at hers. The pleats there looked very neat.

Tara realized that Anjula was right.

In new uniforms, the pleats would not stay nice.

It was after so many washings and ironings that they start to look neat.

Tara realized that there are good and bad things about new uniforms.

The uniforms that are not so new have neat pleats.

She was happy with her uniform.

Tara did not think of new uniforms thereafter.


Why did Tara and Amanda give new pinches to Anjula?

When does Tara get new uniforms?

When do uniform pleats start looking neat?