Sunday 19th of March 2017


Tara ran to the veranda when she heard the car.

The car entered the driveway and stopped in front of the verandah.

Tara’s brother Tarun helped Thaththa to take Shadow, their pet dog, out of the car.

“Easy, easy boy,” said Thaththa to Shadow.

Tarun and Thaththa kept Shadow on his rug in the verandah.

Tara started stroking Shadow’s head.

Shadow looked at Tara with sorrowful eyes.

Shadow had not been feeling well.

He wasn’t eating properly and was weak.

So Thaththa and Tarun took him to the vet.

Ever since Shadow was sick he was kept in the verandah instead of his kennel.

Amma came to the verandah carrying Shadow’s food bowl.

She had filled it with Shadow’s favourite rice noodles.

“What did the doctor say?” asked Amma.

“Shadow seems to be having a digestion problem!” replied Thaththa.

“The vet gave us some medicine which needs to be mixed with his food” added Thaththa, as took

the medicine out of a bag.

Amma crushed the tablets and mixed it with Shadow's food.

Tara went to kennel, emptied Shadow’s water bowl and refilled it.

Shadow generally did not like others watching him during his meal times.

However, he liked it when Tara sat next to him whenever he ate.

So, Tara brought her little chair and kept it close to the rug.

Amma, Thaththa and Tarun went into the house.

Tara looked at Shadow.

He was not eating. Tara got up from her chair.

“Why, Shadow? You are our good boy!” she said, giving Shadow a big hug.

Tara brought the food bowl closer to Shadow.

“Now, eat like a good boy...” Tara told Shadow while stroking hiss head.

Shadow licked the food a little.

Tara went back to her chair.

She slowly looked at Shadow after a while.

Shadow was gulping the food with the medicine mixed into it.

Tara was happy.

She saw her parents peeping through the door.

They were glad to see Shadow eating.

Tara heard Amma saying “Only Tara can make him eat when he is sick..”.

She felt happy.


Where did Thaththa and Tarun keep Shadow?

What did Amma do with Shadow’s medicine?

What did Amma say after peeping through the door?`