Gram Sellers

Wednesday 15th of March 2017

Gram sellers 5

Tara looked at her brother Tarun.

He was looking in the opposite direction.

Tara tapped his hand.

“Why?” asked Tarun.

“There!” said Tara, pointing her finger towards a stall.

The two siblings and their parents were at a carnival.

Tara saw a gram stall at the entrance to the carnival.

She loved gram and wanted her brother to buy her some.

Tarun looked at the gram seller.

He did not look clean at all.

The gram too was not placed in clean containers.

He shook his head to Tara to say ‘no’.

Tara’s face fell.

Tarun knew how much Tara loved gram.

A few minutes later, Tarun spotted a stall with gram and popcorn.

Everything was made fresh.

Tarun could see that the ingredients and preparation was clean.

The place looked spotless. The seller too looked clean.

“Come Tara, let’s buy gram from that stall!” said Tarun.

Tara was overjoyed.

She stood close to her brother till he bought the gram.

Tarun bought four packs - one each for Tara, himself and their parents.

“Do you know why I did not buy gram from the seller at the entrance?” Tarun asked Tara.

Tara could not think why.

“The gram containers and the seller did not look clean!” Tarun started to explain.

Amma joined the conversation.

“We have to be very careful when we buy street food Tara, otherwise we may fall sick!” she said.

“The place from where we bought the gram from was different. Wasn’t it Tara?” asked Tarun.

Yes, Tara could think of the difference.

The seller, food and containers looked very clean.

They could see the preparation of the food as well.

Tara was glad that Tarun did not buy from the first stall.


What did Tara show her brother at the entrance to the carnival?

How did the second stall look?

According to Amma, why was it important to buy clean street food?