Sunday 12th of March 2017

Story books 5

Tara was taken by surprise.

The dining table was full of storybooks!

She had just returned from school.

“What are these books?” she asked.

“They are for our charity project!” replied Amma.

Amma and her friends had a project to help needy children.

“I will clear them off the table in a minute,” she added.

Tara looked at the books.

They looked pretty and interesting.

Amma quickly cleared the table for Tara’s lunch.

“Go and have a shower!” said Amma.

“Lunch will be ready in a minute!” she added.

Tara went to the bathroom to freshen up.

When she returned, Amma had the lunch ready on the table.

Amma had kept some of the books on a small cupboard.

There was another set of books on a small table.

“Why are there two sets of books, Amma?” she asked.

“The ones on the cupboard are to be distributed among children” replied Amma.

“The books on the small table are to be returned to the givers,” she added.

Tara was puzzled.

“Why are you returning them, Amma?” she asked.

Amma smiled.

“They are not in a good condition, Tara” said Amma.

“Some have their pages missing and others have torn pages!” she added.

Tara was shocked.

“Why do people give such books for charity?” asked Tara.

“That’s the thing. Some people give things away just to get rid of them!” explained Amma.

Tara thought about how insensitive that was.

“Even if the books are not new, at least they should be readable!” continued Amma.

“Children love good books, don’t they Tara?” asked Amma.

Tara completely agreed with Amma.


What took Tara by surprise?

What were they for?

Why had the charity decided to return some donated books?