Slipper Marks

Wednesday 8th of March 2017

Slipper marks 3

It was late in the afternoon.

Tara and Amma were in the garden.

Amma was watering plants.

Tara was helping her.

After some time the home phone rang.

Tara ran into the house.

“Amma, it’s Aunty Sara!” she said loudly through the window.

Amma came into the house to answer the phone.

At the door she removed her slippers.

That reminded Tara about something.

She looked at her own feet.

Tara realized that she had entered the house with her garden slippers.

She looked at the floor.

There were dirty slipper marks from the kitchen to the pantry.

As she was watering the plants her slippers had gotten wet.

Tara felt bad.

She took the mop out and wet it in the bathroom.

Amma finished her call.

When she walked into the kitchen she saw Tara mopping the floor.

“What is this, dear?” she asked.

“I forgot to remove my slippers when I came to answer the call!” Tara replied meekly.

“That was because you were in a hurry to answer the call!” said Amma, stroking Tara’s head.

Tara was happy that her mother understood her.

She finished mopping the floor and joined Amma in the garden.


  • Why did Tara run into the house?
  • What did Tara realize when she looked at her own feet?
  • Why was Tara happy?