Monday 6th of March 2017

Bicycle 4

Tarun released the bicycle handle.

The cycle just sped down the slope.

Nipun followed him doing the same thing.

"Watch the bend, Tarun!" warned Nikhil.

"Don’t worry!" Tarun yelled back.

The two friends were cycling on the lane next to theirs.

Unlike their lane this one was uneven.

It had a slope, a climb and a few bends.

Nipun made sure that he kept to the left all the time.

However, from time to Tarun got on to the middle of road.

Just as Tarun approached the first bend he heard a vehicle sound from the opposite direction.

He was riding in the middle of the road.

Tarun cut to the left in a hurry and slowed down.

Nipun lost sight of Tarun in the bend.

A speeding silver wagon passed Tarun.

Just then something hit the back of Tarun’s bicycle.

He lost balance and went flying.

Just as he hit the ground he saw Nipun falling too.

The two boys could not talk for some time.

It became obvious to Tarun what had happened.

Nipun had not expected Tarun to slow down.

Nipun had taken the bend expecting Tarun to keep the gap between two cycles.

The slowing down of Tarun’s cycle was something unexpected.

He did not have enough time to slow down or apply breaks.

The front of his bike had hit the rear of Tarun’s bike.

While Tarun had landed on the grass Nikhil went flying to the middle of the road.

Luckily the wagon had passed by then.

Tarun was almost unhurt.

However Nipun’s hands and legs were bruised.

Tarun helped him to get up.

“Let’s not take this lane hereafter. These bends are too sharp!” he said.

He realized that they had had a narrow shave.


  • Where were the two friends cycling?
  • What did Tarun do when he heard the sound of a vehicle?
  • Where did Nipun land when his cycle hit Tarun’s?