Ghost Hunting

Monday 27th of February 2017


Cutie the Mama Deer called her husband, Papa Deer.

Chubby and Charlie repeated their story.

“Who could that be?” Papa Deer wondered.

He called his brother who lived next door.

The two brothers raced towards the direction that the boys had come from.

“Be careful!” said Cutie, loudly.

Charlie wanted to go home but he was too scared to step out.

Cutie turned to her father, Grandpa Deer.

“Papa, can you take Charlie home? I am in the middle of cooking!” she asked.

Grandpa agreed.

When they reached the Rabbit house they saw Mama Rabbit looking the other way.

She had a curious look on her face.

Charlie and Grandpa Deer too looked that way.

There it was, the tall figure was walking towards Rabbit house.

“That’s the ghost!” yelled Charlie, and ran into the house.

Mama Rabbit and Grandpa Deer stood still.

It was still a little gloomy.

“Hello Uncle!” said the figure, looking at Grandpa Deer.

After that the figure started getting smaller and smaller.

Grandpa got closer to the figure.

It was Papa Fox.

He was unloading the furniture he had been carrying.

He had been carrying a table and two chairs, one on one.

“Gosh, I am tired!” he said, removing the sheets from the furniture.

Mama Rabbit saw two more people coming from the same direction.

“Who else is there?” asked Mama Rabbit.

It was Papa Deer and his brother.

They came closer to Papa Fox. They looked at him from head to toe.

Then they both burst into laughter.

“So, you are the ghost that terrified the kids?” asked Papa Deer.

“What’s that?” asked a confused Papa Fox.

Grandpa Deer narrated the story.

“We saw you from afar and followed you up to here. We did not know it was you!” explained Papa


“I stacked up furniture and covered them as it was drizzling!” explained Papa Fox.

“And you covered yourself in a black cloak..” added Grandpa Deer.

“It was my wife who wanted me to wear that to avoid catching a cold,” explained Papa Fox.

Everyone had a good laugh.

Papa Fox saw Charlie peeping through the door.

“So, Charlie you thought I was a ghost when I was carrying your study table and chairs?” asked

Papa Fox.

Charlie blushed.