Sunday 26th of February 2017

Parrot 3

Tara came to school a little early that day.

Tara’s friend Anjula was happy to see her early.

“We went to Galle yesterday” Anjula told Tara.

Tara loved Galle.

She had been there only once.

“Did you? Oh, I like Galle very much!” she told Anjula.

“Yes, my parents and I visited my mother’s friend there!” said Anjula.

“She had a parrot at home. It was so cute!” added Anjula, with excitement.

“Really?” asked Tara.

“Yes. It could speak a few things like ‘I had food’?” continued Anjula.

Just then Tara’s best friend Amanda walked into the classroom.

Anjula shared the news with Amanda too.

“Oh the poor parrot! Why do they cage birds?” she asked.

Anjula was surprised.

“We have a bird feed in the garden and parrots come every day..” said Amanda.

“However, we have never tried to catch them or cage them” she added.

Tara thought for a while.

She had seen parrots in her garden also. They were all free.

They made a shrill sound when they flew out together.

“Being in a cage surely must be a sad thing”, said Tara, agreeing with Amanda.

Anjula’s excitement vanished.

Amanda felt sorry for Anjula.

“It’s not you who had caged the parrot, so don’t get upset!” said Amanda, smiling at Anjula.

Anjula smiled.

“Parrots come to our garden also once in a while,” said Anjula softly.

“Yes, just like us the birds too do not like to be caged..” observed Tara.

Anjula thought for a while again.

She felt so sorry for the parrot in Galle.

However she was glad that her family had never tried to cage a bird.

“So tell us what else you saw in Galle. Did you go to the beach?” asked Tara.

“Yes, it was so lovely!” said Anjula and she continued her story.


  • Whom did Anjula’s family visit in Galle?
  • Why did parrots visit Amanda’s garden daily?
  • What made Anjula feel glad although she felt sorry for the parrot in Galle?