Thoughtful Friend

Thursday 23rd of February 2017

Thoughtful friend 4

Tara’s new class teacher was very particular about neatness.

She wanted the handwriting of her students to be very neat.

Besides that, she wanted the desks of all her students to be neat and tidy.

Tara always kept her desk organized.

So did Amanda, Tara’s best friend.

One day during the interval, a prefect came looking for Tara.

She had a message from Tara’s music teacher.

The music teacher had wanted Tara to come to the music room.

Tara stopped eating her sandwiches.

She closed the tiffin box and went with the prefect.

The first period after interval was English.

It was taught by the class teacher.

There was still five minutes for the bell to ring.

Amanda looked at Tara’s desk.

The tiffin box was on the table as it was.

She took the box and put it inside Tara’s bag.

Just then Tara came running back to the class.

She was panting.

She looked at her desk.

Her tiffin box was missing.

“My tiffin box....” she asked Amanda.

“I put it into your bag!” said Amanda, smiling.

“Oh, thank you!” said a relieved Tara.

She took out the box and finished her sandwiches.

After that she put the box back in the bag.

“I was not sure what time you would return” explained Amanda.

“Next period is English!” she added.

Tara knew what she meant.

“That’s very sweet of you, Amanda” she told her friend.

Tara was so glad that she had a thoughtful friend like Amanda.


  • How did the new class teacher want her students' desks to be?
  • What was the message brought by the prefect?
  • How did Tara feel about Amanda being her friend?