Who Is That?

Monday 20th of February 2017

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Charlie and Chubby lost count of the berries they ate.

The lips of the rabbit boy and deer boy turned violet.

Charlie stopped eating.

“Gosh, my stomach is full!” he said.

Chubby went on picking berries.

“Chubby, you had better stop before you get a stomachache!” warned Charlie.

The colour of the sky too changed a little.

“Let's go before it rains!” said Charlie, looking at the sky.

It started drizzling.

The two boys started running towards the road.

The road from there to the Rabbit house was full of canopies.

So once they got on to the road they could avoid the rain.

The two friends started walking fast up the road.

It was getting dark although it was around 3:00PM.

All of a sudden they saw something moving ahead of them.

A very tall person was walking about fifty feet ahead of them.

Since it was dark inside the canopies they could not identify the person.

The person looked unusually tall.

Chubby and Charlie got cold feet.

Charlie jumped on to Chubby’s back.

“Who could be that tall?” he asked Chubby.

Chubby could not think of anyone.

The person looked about fifteen feet tall.

“I don’t know..... no one in the village is that tall!” he said in a whisper.

“Can that be a ghost then?” asked Charlie.

Chubby started shivering.

He started walking backwards.

Charlie held on to Chubby tight.

Chubby turned back and started running.

After taking several byroads they arrived at Chubby’s house.

They dashed into the house and started panting.

“What’s this? What did you see?” asked Chubby’s mother Cutie.

“A ghost, a ghost!” said both boys, panting.

(Next week: Ghost Hunting)