Monday 20th of February 2017

Neighbours 5

Amma was at the door.

“Tara, hurry up!” she told Tara.

Tara came running.

Tara and Amma left for their late afternoon walk.

Once they were on the road they saw a lady ahead of them.

It was an elderly lady. She was walking slowly and with difficulty.

She was carrying three bags.

From behind, Amma recognized the lady.

It was the wife of Mr. Nathan, who always helped everyone.

Mrs. Nathan fell sick a couple of months ago.

Amma had visited her when she was in the hospital.

Both Amma and Tara felt so sorry for the lady.

Amma started walking fast.

Tara almost ran with her to catch up.

“Mrs. Nathan, Mrs. Nathan!” Amma called out.

Mrs. Nathan turned back.

She smiled with both Tara and Amma.

“Let me help you carry the bags!” said Amma, offering to help.

“Oh please don’t bother, I should be able to manage!” said Mrs. Nathan.

“It’s not a bother, let me carry this!” said Amma.

She took the big bag from her hand.

“It’s not good for you to carry so many bags. You are just recovering!” explained Amma.

Tara wanted to take a bag.

However, she realized they looked very heavy for her.

Then, all three of them started walking towards the Nathan home.

“Isn’t Mr. Nathan at home?” asked Amma.

“He went to see his sister. He will be back very late today” said Mrs. Nathan.

“I needed some groceries, so I went to the grocery store!” she explained.

“Give us a call if you need something from the store when Mr. Nathan is not around!” said Amma.

“I can ask Tarun to bring them for you..” continued Amma.

They reached the Nathan house.

Mrs. Nathan wanted Tara and Amma to stay for a cup of tea.

“Oh no, thanks, we have to do a quick walk and get back home,” said Amma.

Mrs. Nathan thanked them profusely once again.

Tara and Amma got on to the lane and continued their walk.


How was the elderly lady walking when Tara and Amma saw her?

Why didn't Tara take a bag from her?

What did Amma suggest for Mrs. Nathan to do when she wanted groceries in the absence of Mr.