Nikhil’s Troubles

Thursday 16th of February 2017

Nikhil’s troubles 2

Tarun’s friend Nikhil was a talented boy.

He was good in his studies, basketball and scouting.

Besides, he was very well behaved and helpful.

He was the monitor of Tarun’s class as well.

Teachers and students liked him a lot.

A few senior students somehow did not like this.

They used to call him names and poke fun at him.

Nikhil had been tolerating them for too long.

“Shall we tell the Vice Principal?” Tarun suggested several times.

Nikhil was a very peaceful person.

“We should not take it that far!” said Nikhil.

One day, Nikhil came to the classroom with a worried look.

Those senior students had blocked his way to the classroom.

One of them had pulled him by the shirt as well.

The whole class was very upset when they heard what had happened.

Tarun and two other classmates went looking for the class teacher.

Nikhil tried to stop them but they did not listen.

The class teacher was horrified when she heard the news.

She went to the principal’s office straightaway.

During the interval she came to meet Nikhil.

“It’s good to be patient but we should not let others exploit our patience and harass us!” she told


“Had I known that they had been harassing you for so long, I would have done something about it

much earlier,” she told Nikhil.

The teacher said that the principal had warned the senior students.

They had been told that they would be suspended from school if they tried to bully Nikhil even one

more time.

Several days passed by and they never harassed him again.


Who disliked Nikhil’s popularity among students and teachers?

Why did Nikhil discourage Tarun from making a complaint to the Vice Principal?

What did the class teacher tell Nikhil about patience?