Tubby and Teddy

Monday 13th of February 2017

Teddy and Tubby (1)

Charlie, Chubby, Willie and their friends waited impatiently.

Everything else was ready for the match.

However, the umpires were yet to arrive.

Finally, they saw the tortoise twins down the pathway.

Willy and his cousin Bill ran to them.

They ran back carrying the two young tortoises, Tubby and Teddy.

“You are late!” said everyone, finding fault with them.

“But we left early in the morning!” replied Tubby and Teddy.

“We started at 6:00AM” added Tubby.

The others were surprised!

They were fast asleep at 6:00AM as it was a Sunday.

They felt sorry for the tortoise twins.

The two tortoises had taken three hours to come.

“If you had asked, we would have come and picked you up!” Willy told them.

“We did not want to bother you!” said Tubby.

Everyone felt sorry for them.

“Let’s start the match!” said Chubby.

Willy and Bill lifted Tubby and Teddy again.

They were kept in umpiring positions.

Team A was led by Charlie and Willy too was in his team.

Team B was led by Willy’s cousin Bill. He was a good player.

Chubby was in Bill’s team.

Each team had six players.

Tubby and Teddy did a very good job of umpiring.

It was a close fight and Team A finally won by eight runs.

However, Bill who scored 35 runs was declared man of the match.

He took three wickets from Team A as well.

Finally, the teammates had two big gift packets for the two umpires.

“Thank you. What is this?” asked Tubby and Teddy.

“Ladies fingers!” said Willy.

Tubby and Teddy loved ladies fingers.

“Bill and I are taking you home with your gifts!” said Willy.

“Yes, and you will reach home in ten minutes!” added Bill.

“Thank you so much!” said Teddy and Tubby.