Skipping Ropes

Monday 6th of February 2017


Chubby, the deer boy dashed into the rabbit house.

“Charlie, Charlie where are you?” he shouted.

Charlie came running.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“Our Papa has brought two skipping ropes” said Chubby, breaking the news.

Charlie had not heard of skipping ropes before.

“Mama told me to invite you and Curly to our house to play!” added Chubby.

“What is a skipping rope?” asked Charlie, innocently.

Chubby started explaining.

However, Charlie could not understand anything.

Curly had seen skipping ropes before.

She was overjoyed.

“You will see for yourself once you are there, Charlie!” she told her brother.

“Auntie Cutie wants us there” Curly reminded.

They said bye to Mama Rabbit and ran towards the deer house.

There were two skipping ropes in the garden.

A small one and a big one.

The small rope had two red handles while the big one had yellow ones.

“Chubby’s father bought the small one for you two to play with!” Cutie told Charlie and Curly.

The big rope was too big for them.

“Please tell Uncle that we thanked him a lot for being so thoughtful!” Curly told Cutie.

Curly taught Charlie how to skip with the rope.

Charlie learnt it quickly.

He started skipping even faster than his sister.

Chubby skipped with the big rope.

Later, Curly and Charlie held the two handles of the big rope.

They started swinging it and Chubby started jumping.

Chubby’s mother Cutie watched them.

“This is good for you Chubby. You will lose some kilos in no time!” she said smiling.

Charlie loved the skipping rope.

He did not feel like going home.

He wished that Papa Rabbit would buy a rope for him as well.

“You can come here any time and play, Charlie!” said Cutie, when he said good bye.

“And you too, Curly!” added Cutie.

The rabbit children were so happy.

“We’ll come tomorrow as well!” they both told Cutie.

“Please do!” replied Cutie.