Saving Plums

Sunday 29th of January 2017

Saving plums

It was a sunny day.

Curly, the rabbit daughter was in the garden.

Her mother Mama Rabbit had given her a task.

That was to sun-dry the plums for the cakes.

Mama Rabbit had to visit the fox family that morning.

She said bye to Curly and left.

Papa Rabbit was in the grocery.

The plums were laid on a mat in the garden.

Curly sat on the grass next to that.

She was expecting Sweety the monkey daughter to join her.

They were to read some stories together.

The sun was shining bright.

A cold breeze swept through the garden.

Curly felt sleepy.

She lied down on the grass.

After a while Curly fell asleep.

She did not know for how long she slept.

She was woken up by someone who shook her shoulder.

“Curly, wake up wake up, it’s going to rain!” she heard a voice.

It was Sweety.

Curly looked up.

Dark clouds were hovering in the sky.

“Get up quickly, let’s take the plums to the house!” said Sweety loudly.

Curly jumped up and held one side of the mat.

Sweety held the other side.

“Oh Sweety, you had come just in time!” said Curly, so thankful to her friend.

“A duty is a duty. You should have been more watchful Curly!” said Sweety.

“I know!” said Curly, guiltily.

She resolved never be careless again.