A Nonstop Run

Friday 20th of January 2017

The three friends came to the line of willow trees.

There was almost a stony silence in the area.

Willy started shivering.

He got on to Chubby’s back.

They were not supposed to go beyond the tree line.

Charlie could see an opening among the trees.

He went towards that.

Chubby, with Willy on board followed him.

Right in front of the opening there was a big tree with small leaves.

Charlie had not seen such a tree before.

“Willy, can you get onto that tree and see whether you can see anything?” asked Charlie.

Willy jumped from Chubby’s back and slowly walked towards the tree.

He started climbing it while Charlie and Chubby watched him.

He was halfway through the tree trunk.


All of a sudden they heard a big noise from the forest.

Charlie started running towards the village.

Chubby wanted to run but he felt sorry for Willy.

“Charlie, you can’t leave us and go!” yelled Chubby.

Charlie stopped.

He was shaking like a dry leaf.

Willy came slithering down the tree and jumped to Chubby’s back.

Charlie and Chubby started running towards the village nonstop.