Friday 20th of January 2017

Finally Charlie, Chubby and Willy reached Charlie’s home.

Charlie’s sister Curly saw them.

“What happened?” she asked.

The three boys did not say anything.

A little later they saw Willy’s father hurrying towards Papa Rabbit’s grocery.

The three friends realized that something had gone wrong.

The two fathers walked into the garden.

The boys stood up.

Just then Chubby’s mother Cutie walked in.

She had a worried look on her face.

Cutie went into the Rabbit house and returned with Mama Rabbit.

Willy’s father Papa Monkey started talking.

“Doctor Berry wanted me to find some herbs” Papa Monkey started explaining.

Doctor Berry was the village doctor, the big squirrel.

“I went to the forest border looking for the herbs” added Papa Monkey.

The three boys looked down.

They realized that they had been spotted by Papa Monkey.

“If I did not see you would have gone into the forest!” reprimanded Papa Monkey.

“No Papa, we were not planning to go to the forest!” said Willy, crying.

Chubby too joined him.

Stammering the words, he explained what had happened.

“But we have told you children not to go near the border even!” said Papa Rabbit, joining the


“There are serpents and all kinds of dangers there!” said Cutie, worried.

“Since I jump from tree to tree I escape those!” explained Papa Monkey.

“Even I do not go that way!” said Papa Rabbit.

Charlie was feeling very bad.

After all it was he who had taken the others.

“I am so sorry. It was me who took Chubby and Willy!” he said softly.

The parents declared a ‘no play’ week for the boys.

All three boys were to stay at their homes after school.

“It’s for your own good that parents advise you!” said a very disappointed Cutie.

“If you listen to them you will not land in trouble!” added Mama Rabbit.