Pond with gold coloured fish in the forest

Friday 20th of January 2017

It was Charlie’s idea.

He had managed to get his friends Willy and Chubby to accompany him.

Charlie the little rabbit heard the story from a school friend.

There was a natural pond located at the border of the forest with gold coloured fish.

Ever since he had heard about it Charlie could not stop thinking about it.

The border of the forest was not too far from Charlie’s house.

However, the little ones in the animal village had been asked to keep away from the area.

“We are not going to the border. Let’s watch the pond from afar!” he told his friends.

“I am coming only if you keep that promise, Charlie!” said Willy the little monkey.

“Me too!” said Chubby, the little deer who had become a good boy.

A long line of tall dark big willow trees marked the border.

That area was dark and very silent.

Both Willy and Chubby were scared of that.

“Take my word, we are not going to the border!” assured Charlie.

Chubby thought again.

“We may not be able to see the fish from afar” he said.

“I will climb a tree and have a look” said Willy.

“I can carry Charlie too to a tree top!” he added.

Chubby’s face fell.

He knew that he was too big and heavy for Willy to carry to a tree top.

“There may be hillocks around. You can climb one and see!” Charlie encouraged Chubby.

Chubby did not want to miss the fun.

He set off with Charlie and Willy.