Mama Fox’s Troubles

Friday 20th of January 2017

Mama Fox entered Papa Rabbit’s grocery in a hurry.

“Did our Mike come this way, Papa?” asked Mama Fox.

“Why, yes, but that was about an hour ago!” said Papa Rabbit.

“He bought two milk cartons” he added.

Mama Fox looked miserable.

Mike was her eldest son.

Although he was small she had trained him to run for small errands.

The younger foxes had gone out with Papa Fox that day.

As Papa Fox was out, Mama Fox had sent Mike to the grocery to bring milk.

“But he has not returned home!” said Mama Fox, almost crying.

“Don’t worry Mama Fox. Mike cannot get lost. Wait, I’ll call Mama Rabbit!” said Papa Rabbit, as

he left the grocery and went inside the house.

Mama Rabbit came almost running.

“Don’t worry. Let’s go and look for Mike!” she said holding Mama Fox’s hand.

Together they left the grocery.

They went towards the Fox house looking at trees and pits.

There was no sign of Mike.

They were almost in front of the Fox house.

The pathway was still wet due to previous night’s rain.

Mama Rabbit checked the pathway very carefully.

“Look, Mike’s footprints are here. There are footprints out of the house and also towards the

house!” she explained to Mama Fox.

“Did you check all the rooms in the house?” asked Mama Rabbit.

“Well...not really,” Mama Fox replied hesitantly and ran towards the house.

Mama Rabbit followed her.

There in the bedroom was Mike. He was fast asleep.

The milk cartons were on the bedside table.

How relieved Mama Fox was!

“I went to the backyard to collect some cabbage. He would have come around that time,” Mama

Fox started explaining.

“Exactly, and he would have just lied down on the bed and fallen asleep!” said Mama Rabbit,


Both mothers laughed together.

“Thank you so much Mama Rabbit for coming with me. It was very kind of you!” said Mama Fox,

with a great sense of gratitude.

“Oh, this is nothing. I know how worried I get when our Charlie goes missing” she said.

Mama Rabbit said bye to Fox Mama and proceeded towards the Rabbit home.