Wee Willie Winkie

Friday 20th of January 2017

The last bell of the monkey school rang.

Sweety, the monkey girl went looking for her brother, Willy.

Together, they left to go home.

A group of senior monkey boys followed them.

They started singing a nursery rhyme together.

“Wee Willie Winkie”

The boys had been singing the rhyme for weeks now.

As usual Willy felt helpless.

He looked at his sister.

“Just ignore them!” Sweety told her brother as usual.

The singing continued for a few minutes.

However, all of a sudden it stopped.

A voice of an adult was heard instead.

Both Sweety and Willy turned back.

The literature teacher was standing in front of the boys.

“All wrong, all wrong!” said the elderly monkey teacher.

“Number one, you cannot harass others with songs!” he said.

“Number two, the Willie in the rhyme is Willie not Willy!” he said spelling both names separately.

“So the rhyme was about a different Willie, not our little Willy!” added the teacher.

“If you harass Willy or anyone else again, I am going to call your parents and ask them to come to

the school!” he warned.

The boys looked embarrassed and scared.

The teacher went past Sweety and Willy with a pat on Willy’s head.

Willy was so happy.

So was Sweety.

Never again did they hear the rhyme from those boys again.