The Bird School

Friday 20th of January 2017

The main hall of the Bird School was full.

The parents of all the students had gathered there.

They had been called by the principal Mr. Hoot the owl.

The purpose of the meeting was an important one.

That was to get parents’ permission to divide the school into two.

In every class there had been complaints of harassment of small birds by big ones.

Parents of small birds often complained that their children returned home with broken wings or

fallen feathers.

Besides, the woodpeckers had been blamed for making too much noise.

Their screeching sound was so unbearable that some small birds often flew out of the classes.

The jungle fowls had been accused of constant fights with fellow fowls.

The crows were faulted for stealing the food.

The school management was tired of daily complaints.

They decided that it was best to divide the school into two sections.

One section would be for big birds while the other would be for the small ones.

The parents were called in to ask their opinion about the decision.

Most of the parents were in favour of it.

A committee comprising parents and teachers was appointed to divide the birds into big and small


Some committee members held the view that parrots were big birds so they should be sent to the

section with big birds.

However, the parrot parents protested.

“We are not big, it’s just that we have longer tail feathers!” pointed out one parrot parent.

“Our children are too gentle and well-mannered to be with big birds like jungle fowls and crows!”

explained another parrot parent.

The principal asked the parents of small birds whether they had any objection in taking the parrot

kids to the section for the small birds.

They said they had absolutely no objection.

“The parrot kids are decent, disciplined children. We have no objections” they said.

The principal pointed out the need for a new building now that the school was going to have two


He appointed another committee to plan the extra building.

The committee was asked to make sure that the building was to be completed within three