Papa Monkey

Sunday 27th of November 2016

Papa Monkey

Willy and Sweety were waiting for their Papa.

Papa Monkey had promised to bring them honey.

He was on an errand in the other side of the village.

It was across the river.

The rain had ceased but the water level in the river was still high.

So Papa Monkey was to use the rope that Postman Uncle Merryl uses to cross the river.

Both Willy and Sweety loved to have honey with their bread.

Papa Monkey was friendly with the bees on that side of the village.

So he brought honey for his children every time he went there.

“Mama, why is Papa getting late today?” Willy asked his Mama.

“He has some work there, Willy. He has to finish that and come!” said Mama Monkey.

It started getting dark.

Mama Moneky came to the doorway and watched.

“I wonder what is keeping Papa this late, Mama!” said Sweety.

Mama Monkey too started getting worried.

“I wonder whether we should tell Merryl to go looking for Papa,” replied Mama.

They both kept looking at the pathway.

Finally, Papa Monkey appeared!

He was carrying a big load – a bunch of bananas on his shoulder.

Both Willy and Sweety ran towards their father.

He gave the honey pot to Sweety.

When he entered the house, they noticed that the bunch of bananas were of red colour.

“They are red!” shouted Willy.

“I wanted to bring these somehow but bringing it along the ropeway was difficult!” explained Papa


“So I had to get help from my friends. Sorry that I got late!” he said looking at Mama Monkey.

“That’s okay. Will keep a few bananas aside and make some preserves with honey,” said Mama

Monkey, smiling.

“As for now, bring the bread Sweety. Let’s quickly organize supper while Papa is having his bath”

said Mama.

“I want my bread with honey” insisted Sweety.

“Me too!” said Willy.