By The Window

Sunday 20th of November 2016

By the window

Curly sat by the window.

She slowly sipped hot coffee from her mug.

It was raining.

Curly was glad that it was a Sunday.

It was not the kind of a day that she would like to step out.

Sipping coffee and watching the rain was what she liked to do on a rainy day.

“Curly, can you come here?” asked Mama Rabbit.

Curly was feeling a little lazy.

“Mama, I am having coffee!” she replied.

“Please give me the small platter from the cupboard!” requested Mama.

“I have flour in my hands!” she added.

Mama was busy baking muffins for their grocery.

Curly kept the mug on the table and ran to the kitchen.

She opened the cupboard, took the platter out and left it on the kitchen table.

“Okay, thank you. Now go and have your coffee!” said Mama.

Curly ran back.

The rain ceased after a while.

However there was a thick mist outside.

Curly finished having her coffee.

She went to her room and brought a story book.

It was titled “Kind King”.

She had received it as a birthday present from her aunt.

Curly started reading the book.

It was so interesting.

After a while Mama Rabbit came to the living room.

“Are you reading Kind King, Curly?” asked Mama Rabbit.

Curly blushed.

“Good good!” said Mama, patting Curly’s head.

It started to rain again.

Curly continued to read the book with enthusiasm.

She wanted to be just as kind as the king in the story book.