The Growl

Sunday 13th of November 2016

The Growl

Curly and Sweety were chatting nonstop in the rabbit garden.

They were recalling the incidents from the fun fair.

The Rabbit daughter and the Monkey daughter were laughing loudly.

Mama Rabbit had gone to the market with Mama Monkey.

Papa Rabbit was busy in the grocery.

All of a sudden the two girls heard a growl.

After a little while came another one, this time louder.

Both of them ran to Papa Rabbit’s grocery in the front part of the Rabbit house.

“Papa a bear, a bear!” said Curly, dashing into the grocery with Sweety.

“There are no bears in this part of the land, Curly!” assured Papa Rabbit.

“But we heard the growl, Papa!” insisted Curly.

“Let’s go and see then!” said Papa.

Curly and Sweety followed Papa Rabbit.

Papa Rabbit, Curly and Sweety waited in the garden for a minute or two.

There was no noise this time.

Papa Rabbit started walking around the garden.

He looked behind the big shrub in the corner of the garden.

“Ah... there are two bears here, they look like bear cubs!” he said smiling.

Then he went back to the grocery.

Curly and Sweety were confused.

Holding hands they slowly walked towards the shrub.

What did they see?

Hiding behind the shrub were their two brothers, Charlie and Willy.

Curly and Sweety felt embarrassed.

Charlie and Willy rolled in the grass laughing.

“Wait till the Mamas come. We’ll tell what you two were up to” said Curly and Sweety told their


“The Mamas would not do anything. We just made a noise. Who asked you to run?” said the two


They started poking fun at sisters.

The two girls went into the Rabbit house in a huff.

They continued their conversation there without any disturbances from their brothers.