Deer Primary School

Sunday 6th of November 2016

Deer primary school

Chubby and his classmates were busy.

They were all writing an essay.

They are in Grade 5 of Deer Primary School.

The sky was cloudy.

It was about to rain.

Suddenly, the wind started blowing strongly.

With the winds came a big noise.

A roof sheet of the class had fallen on the ground.

There was a big empty space right in the middle of the class roof.

Class Teacher Annie got so worried.

She asked the students to be quiet and went looking for the principal.

Principal walked into the class with Teacher Annie.

He looked at the roof.

“We need to get someone to fix the sheet soon!” he said.

Just then, the village postman Merryl the Monkey came looking for Principal.

He was to deliver a bundle of letters to Principal.

Since he was not in office Merryl went looking for him.

Then Merryl saw the roof.

“Where’s the missing roof sheet, Sir?” he asked from Principal.

“Over there, on the ground!” Principal pointed out.

“I will fix it, Sir!” said Merryl, looking at Principal.

“Is it okay Merryl? After all, it’s not part of your job...” Principal hesitated a bit.

“That’s okay Sir, otherwise these children are going to get drenched!” he pointed out.

Merryl kept his post bag on Teacher’s table.

He went to the ground and brought back the sheet.

Principal brought a hammer and nails from the school toolbox.

Merryl climbed the roof.

He fixed the roof sheet in five minutes.

Just as he climbed down from the roof, it started to rain.

Everyone thanked Merryl profusely.

“You can’t deliver post in this rain, Merryl. Come, let’s have a cup of tea in my room!” said

Principal, inviting him to his office.

Merryl said bye to the class and followed Principal to his office.