Merryl the Postman

Monday 31st of October 2016

Merryl the postman

Merryl the Monkey was the new postman in the village.

He was the uncle of Willy the Monkey boy.

His house was right next to Willy’s.

Merryl collected the post material from the post office and delivered them to homes.

Willy often pleaded his uncle to take him along with him.

Merryl had explained that he could not do that according to his office rules.

However he did little favours for Willy and his sister Sweety.

Whenever they wanted to send something to Rabbit house Merryl obliged.

Willy and Sweety mostly sent fruits to Charlie and Curly.

In turn the Rabbit children sent them sweets made by Mama Rabbit.

He was liked by all in the animal village.

The only challenge he faced was during the heavy rainy season.

Then the river overflowed.

Usually he walked across the river to reach the house on the other side of the river.

However when the river overflowed he was unable to do that.

So just before the rains started, he tied a rope on a big tree on one bank of river and took it to the

other side.

Then he tied it on a tree on the other bank as well.

Carrying the post bag around his neck he crossed the river with the help of the rope.