Baby Monkey’s Fall

Monday 24th of October 2016

Baby monkey

Willy the little monkey had a baby brother now.

His baby brother was only a few weeks old.

When Mama Monkey was busy or out the baby monkey was looked after by Grandma Monkey.

A few days back Mama Monkey, Papa Monkey and Willy went to see their relatives in the next


They left Baby Monkey with Grandma Monkey.

Grandma Monkey took the baby to a lower branch of a mango tree and tried to rock him to sleep.

The baby fell asleep on Grandma Monkey's lap.

However, after some time Grandma Monkey, who was very old, also fell asleep.

After a while the baby fell off her lap.

Luckily, the baby monkey did not fall on the ground.

Instead, he landed on a shrub.

The little one started crying.

Luckily Chubby the little deer happened to pass by.

He saw the baby monkey and took him from the shrub.

Baby Monkey clung on to Chubby.

Chubby started pacifying him.

When Chubby looked around he saw the sleeping Grandma Monkey.

He called out loud for Grandma Monkey.

She woke up and came down from the tree crying.

She was feeling awfully guilty.

Word went around the village about the fall of the baby monkey from the tree.

Chubby earned a good named from everyone for saving the baby monkey.

“If not for Chubby the baby would have fallen from the shrub also!” Mama Monkey told everyone.

Chubby was so happy to have earned a good name after some time.