Fun Fair

Sunday 16th of October 2016


The fair day arrived.

The village ground looked like a carnival.

The previous day all the Papas had decorated the ground.

There were flags and streamers all around.

In the morning they hung pink and blue balloons.

The Mamas were organizing fair items and refreshments.

Curly and Sweety bought the two beautiful dolls that Mama Monkey had made.

Charlie and Chubby bought the toy cars made by Papa Monkey.

Willy, the Monkey son bought two straw hats made by Papa Fox.

One for him and the other was for his sister, Sweety.

All the Mamas bought the beautiful cupcakes that Mama Rabbit had put on display.

Mama Rabbit and several others bought the flower plants of Mama Deer, Cutie.

Within minutes, all the fair items were sold out.

Papa Monkey started playing a drum while Papa Rabbit played a mouth organ.

Charlie, Curly, Sweety, Chubby, Willy, baby foxes and all the other little ones danced.

The Mamas got busy organizing the refreshments.

What yummy items they had prepared!

Everyone admired Mama Rabbit’s fruit cakes.

Mama Monkey had made several bottles of banana milkshake.

It was a favourite among the little ones.

After everything was over the Papas took down the balloons and streamers.

They distributed them among the little ones.

Curly and Sweety got big pink balloons.

Charlie, Chubby, Willy and the other boys got blue ones.

Everyone went home happily with their hands full of fair items.