Eco­ Friendly Bins

Sunday 11th of September 2016

Eco-friendly bins

It was the activity week.

Tarun was just as excited as the other scouts.

The school scouts had been divided into five groups.

Each group was supposed to make five items useful to the school.

All five items should be alike.

Tarun and his group members discussed it for a while.

Tarun’s classmate Nikhil was also in the same group.

He came up with an idea.

“Shall we make bins out of coconut fronds? They are eco­ friendly!” he asked.

The others thought it was a good idea.

“Let’s say it’s for paper waste. Not for leftover food or drink bottles and milk packets” suggested


“Yes, otherwise the bins will get stained and turn damp!” agreed Nikhil.

Two scouts in their group agreed to look for the coconut fronds.

Tarun, Nikhil and the rest of the scouts agreed to learn coconut­frond weaving.

“That’s not difficult. I have seen people weaving them” said Nikhil.

Within five days the boys had finished weaving five bins.

They did not look perfect.

However, they looked good and strong enough.

Scouts from other groups had made various other items.

There were wall hangings, dusters and carpets made from leftover pieces of cloth.

One group had made five boards giving directions to buildings in schools.

That was quite good too.

But, everyone was in awe of what Tarun’s group had done.

They felt that it deserved the first place.

So no one was disappointed when Tarun’s group won first place.

“It’s a very useful product made from natural­biodegradable material!” explained the teacher.

“It’s also good for the boys to learn how to weave coconut­fronds. After all it’s a skill. You never

know when you would be in need of that!” he added.

“When you go camping, it might come in handy,” emphasized the teacher.

“Scouting is after all about discipline and skills!” he concluded.

Everyone agreed.


  • What was Nikhil’s proposal for the group item?
  • What did the teacher say about the bins?
  • Name an instance, according to teacher, the skill of weaving coconut­fronds would come handy for scouts?