Cat and Dog Fight

Thursday 8th of September 2016

Cat and dog fight 3

Tara heard sharp barks.

It was Shadow, her pet dog.

Tara wondered what was making Shadow bark in that manner.

Then, she heard her brother Tarun’s loud laugh.

Tara could just guess what would have happened.

Shadow always tried to avoid their cat Coco.

However when they met accidentally, it always ended up in a fight.

Coco would usually hiss and have all his fur stand up.

If Shadow got closer, Coco would try attacking Shadow with his paw.

Then Shadow would get angry and growl.

Tara was worried about these fights.

She always tried her best to make sure that they stayed apart.

Her brother on the other hand loved the fights.

“Aiya, what are you doing?” asked Tara loudly.

She ran towards the garden.

Her guess was right!

Tarun was pitting the cat against Shadow.

Tara got angry.

“Amma! Amma, come here! Aiya is trying to get Shadow injured!” yelled Tara.

“I am not!” protested Tarun.

“You are!” she said, trying to drag Shadow away.

Their mother walked in.

“Tarun, why are you being insensitive?” asked Amma.

“Shadow will not get hurt. He knows how to avoid Coco!” said Tarun sheepishly.

“How can you be so sure of that? Anything can happen!” said Amma sharply.

“And if Shadow gets really angry he may even bite Coco!” she added.

Tara dragged Shadow to the other end of garden.

She was glad that Amma had intervened.

She gave Shadow a pat on the head and went into the house.

Coco was walking towards the kitchen.

When Tara started stroking his head he was still shaking.

He calmed down after a while.

Tara sincerely hoped that Tarun would not repeat what he did today.


  • What would Coco do when he bumped into Shadow?
  • What does he do if Shadow gets closer?
  • What did Tara feel when she started stroking Coco’s head?