Sunday 4th of September 2016

Borrowing 2

Sasha was a classmate of Tara's.

Sasha fell sick and could not come to school for a few days.

When she returned back to school, she borrowed Tara’s spelling book.

She promised to return it without fail the next day.

However she had forgotten to bring it as promised.

Sasha apologized for forgetting the book.

However Tara was really upset.

There was a spelling period immediately after the interval.

Tara was wondering what to do.

Just as the interval bell rang Tara saw Sasha’s mother near the classroom door.

Sasha ran to her mother when she saw her.

Sasha’s mother called Tara.

Tara walked up to her slowly.

Then she saw her spelling book in Sasha’s mother’s hand.

“I am so sorry, Tara. Sasha had forgotten to bring your book!” said Sasha’s mother apologetically.

“I told her so many times to put your book into her bag,” she said looking at Sasha.

“It was very nice of Tara to have lent you the book, Sasha. If you borrow something you should

keep the trust of the lender!” she told her daughter.

Sasha looked down.

Tara collected the book from Sasha’s mother and thanked her for taking the trouble to bring it to


“I saw it on Sasha’s table after she had left for school and I know you have a spelling period

today!” explained Sasha’s mother.

Tara thought that that was so thoughtful of Sasha’s mother.

After she returned to her desk, Sasha came and apologized again.

“It was my fault. I am so sorry Tara. I was feeling awful that I forgot. I am glad that my mother

brought it!” said Sasha.

“That was very nice of your mother. Now, eat your sandwiches!” said Tara, smiling.


  • What did Sasha borrow from Tara?
  • What was Sasha’s mother’s advice to Sasha on borrowing things?
  • What did Tara do immediately after collecting her book from Sasha’s mother?