Wednesday 31st of August 2016

rice 4

Tara and Thaththa sat under a tree.

They were watching the farmers in the paddy field.

It was the school holidays.

As promised Thaththa had organized a visit to his village.

So Tara, her brother Tarun and their parents reached the village the day before.

Tara loved the big paddy fields.

A group of farmers were busy harvesting the fields.

They were working hard.

“They must be very tired, aren’t they Thaththa?” asked Tara.

Thaththa smiled.

“Yes, paddy cultivation is tough but also very enriching!” explained Thaththa.

“It’s an honest man’s job,” he added.

A little later Tara’s brother Tarun came looking for Tara and Thaththa.

“Do you know the biggest rice producing district, Tara?” he asked.

“No” replied Tara.

“It’s Anuradhapura followed by Kurunegala!” he added.

Thaththa turned to Tarun.

“Do you know the biggest rice producing country?” Thaththa asked Tarun.

Tarun thought for a while.

“India?” he asked.

“India is the second. China is the largest producer!” said Thaththa, smiling.

Tara was happy that she learnt so much about rice producing.

A little later a group of farmers went past them.

They greeted Thaththa as they knew him.

Then they smiled with Tara and Tarun.

Tara smiled broadly.

She knew that they were the hardworking, honest people who give her her plate of rice.

Tara felt so grateful for them.


  • When did Tara and her family reach the village?
  • What is the biggest rice producing district in Sri Lanka?
  • Which country produces the largest amount of rice?