Sunday 21st of August 2016

Grandma 6

Tara’s grandma lived in the village.

Once a year she visited Tara and her family in Colombo.

Tara’s mother said she was expecting Grandma the next day.

She was coming with one of Tara’s uncles.

Tara was over the moon!

She loved Grandma.

The next day when Tara returned from school she had arrived.

Tara ran to Grandma and gave her a big hug.

After that she spoke to her uncle.

Grandma needed help when she walked around.

Tara and Tarun helped her to move around in the house.

Both of them waited eagerly for bedtime.

That was when Grandma told them stories.

Tara and Tarun sat on either side of Grandma’s bed.

Grandma started narrating a story of two men.

One of them was a good one. The other was not.

The good man made an honest living.

The other was greedy and dishonest.

The good one worked hard in paddy fields.

He shared whatever he had including food, with others.

Everyone in the village liked him.

The greedy one was not hard working at all.

He ran a wayside boutique.

Being greedy he was only thinking about profit.

He sold goods with a big profit margin.

The villagers could not afford to buy goods he sold.

So they went to the shop in the next village.

The greedy man went bankrupt.

Tara and Tarun learnt the importance of being honest and good.

They waited till the next day to hear another story.


Where did Grandma live?

Who helped Grandma to move around the house?

What happened to the greedy and dishonest man in Grandma’s story?