Wednesday 17th of August 2016

Stranger 4

Tara was standing at the school gate.

She was waiting for her school van to come so she could go home.

Tara saw Anjula walking up and down the road.

Anjula’s mother was getting late to pick her up.

A little later Tara saw her talking to a stranger.

He did not look like a parent.

It looked like Anjula was having a very animated chat with him.

Tara got worried.

She walked towards Anjula.

Anjula saw Tara.

She stopped talking to the stranger and came running towards Tara.

“Do you know that person Anjula?” asked Tara.

“No!” she said.

“Why did you speak to him then?” asked Tara, quite horrified.

“He was the one who started talking to me!” said Anjula, meekly.

“Haven’t we been told that we are not supposed to talk to strangers like that?” reminded Tara.

Anjula looked down.

The stranger started walking towards them.

“Are you waiting for your vehicle too?” he asked Tara with a smile.

Tara grabbed hold of Anjula’s hand and ran to the school gate.

Tara’s friends who were waiting for the van saw this happening.

They gathered around Tara and Anjula and asked them what had happened.

Just then Anjula’s mother came.

One of the girls told Anjula’s mother about Anjula’s chat with the stranger.

Anjula’s mother was shocked.

“How many times have I told you not to talk to strangers like that, Anjula?” she reprimanded her


“Thank you so much Tara. Anjula is lucky to have a friend like you” she thanked Tara profusely.

Tara smiled.


  • Why was Anjula walking up and down the road?
  • What did Tara remind Anjula?
  • What did Anjula’s mother say about Tara?