Total Attention

Sunday 14th of August 2016

Total attention 4

Tarun sat on the lawn.

He held the piece of plank from one hand.

With the other hand, he dipped the small paint brush in the paint tin.

Slowly he started painting the plank.

His whole attention was focused on what he was doing.

The plank which was light brown was turning bright yellow with paint.

It was coming out very nicely.

The plank was for the vegetable garden at his school.

It was going to be the name board of the garden.

The garden was a project of the students in Tarun’s grade.

Tarun had offered to make the board.

He had gone to the hardware store in the town and bought the plank and paint the day before.

Tara was watching her brother from afar.

She knew that Tarun did not like anyone going near him when he was doing work of that nature.

Tara was so impressed by the way her brother was painting the plank.

He was fully absorbed in his work.

He did not look anywhere else other than the plank and the tin of paint for a good half hour.

Finally, Tarun finished his work.

He got up and carried the plank.

“Aiya, shall I come?” asked Tara, from the verandah.

“Okay..” he replied.

Tara raced to see the finished work.

It was a very neat job.

“You have painted it beautifully!” exclaimed Tara.

“How did you do it so nicely, Aiya?” she asked.

“It’s practice and attention. You should not be distracted. Your total attention should be on the

work that you are doing,” he said, smiling.

Tara knew what he meant.

It was the same as drawing and painting.

Tara realized what beautiful things can be created when a person's attention can be focused only

on the project.


  • What was the original colour of the plank?
  • Why didn't Tara go near her brother when he was painting the plank?
  • What are the two things, according to Tarun, needed to do work like that?