Wednesday 10th of August 2016

Rocking 3

Tara’s friend next door, Natasha and her mother were visiting Tara.

Tara’s and Natasha’s mothers sat down for a chat in the living room.

Tara and Natasha went to the garden.

They played with Tara’s dog Shadow until they were really tired.

Quite exhausted, both of them sat on the chairs in the verandah.

Tara sat on a big chair.

Natasha sat on the only small chair in the verandah.

That was Tara’s chair.

“This is so nice!” said Natasha, rocking the chair.

“Don’t rock the chair too much because you will fall!” warned Tara.

However, Natasha continued to rock the chair.

She was rocking it fast.

Tara became alarmed.

She ran into the house and told Natasha’s mother.

Natasha's mother came to the verandah and asked her to stop rocking the chair.

Natasha ignored her mother's advice much to the shock of Tara.

Tara’s mother stood behind Natasha’s chair.

“I am not going to fall...” said Natasha in a singsong voice.

Then something happened!

Natasha lost her balance all of a sudden.

Her legs went up.

Tara’s mother jumped and caught the chair that was falling.

She saved Natasha in the nick of time.

Natasha was so terrified by what had happened.

She started crying.

“I am not going to bring you here again, Natasha! You give so much of trouble to Aunty and Tara!”

said Natasha’s mother.

“If it wasn't for Aunty, you would have ended up in the hospital today!” she added.

Tara felt so sorry about Natasha’s mother.

She was glad that she was not like Natasha.

She knew that she would be safe as long as she listened and took the advice of elders when it

came to safety.


  • Who visited Tara?
  • What did Natasha do after she sat on the small chair?
  • How did Tara’s mother save Natasha?