Seven Sisters

Sunday 7th of August 2016

Seven sisters 4

Tara was reading a story book.

She could hear the sound of the Seven Sisters birds.

She got up and went to the window.

There they were, hopping about on the lawn.

They were making their little sharp noises.

A few went under the jasmine bush and started looking for food.

Tara loved Seven Sisters.

However her brother Tarun thought that they were too noisy.

Tara loved the way that they flew.

They did not fly too high.

Most birds flew effortlessly.

Tara noticed that the Seven Sisters made some effort when trying to fly.

“Perhaps, because they are too chubby” thought Tara.

When they flew they looked like helicopters.

They always stayed in groups and helped preen each other.

“Tara, what are you looking at?” asked Amma.

“Seven Sisters” replied Tara, still looking at the birds.

Amma walked up to the window.

“Aren’t they cute, Amma?” asked Tara.

“They most certainly are,” replied Amma, smiling.

“Aiya does not like them, he thinks they are too noisy!” grumbled Tara.

“They cannot help being noisy as they stay in groups,” explained Amma.

“You see beauty in everything Tara. That’s a very good thing!” she added.

Tara beamed.

“They always stay in groups and help each other to preen and clean themselves!” said Tara.

“They do. They are very united and very helpful to each other” said Amma, agreeing with Tara.

“That’s a good lesson for people as well,” she concluded.

Tara was glad that her mother too liked Seven Sisters.


  • What did the few Seven Sisters that went under the jasmine bush do?
  • What does Tarun think about Seven Sisters?
  • How do Seven Sisters help each other?