At the Camporee

Wednesday 3rd of August 2016

At camporee 3

Tarun kept staring at the camp fire.

The fire was burning bright.

So were the spirits of the scouts.

They had made a ring around the fire.

What a glorious day it had been.

It was both fun and educative.

The scouts from various schools shared their scouting skills.

There were demonstration on work on ropes, first aid and cooking.

They helped each other in setting up tents too.

There were drama skits and song items.

It was a day that Tarun did not want to end.

After the last song the scouts broke up to go to sleep.

They walked up to their respective tents in a very cheerful mood.

As Tarun and his friends pulled their blankets they heard a voice just outside their tent.

“Excuse me, may I come in?” asked a voice outside.

Tarun’s friend Nikhil peeped through the tent opening.

Tarun too joined him to see who was there.

A scout from the next tent was standing outside with a small box.

“We have got some sweets. Thought of sharing them with you,” he said smiling.

“Do come in!” said Nikhil, inviting the guest inside their tent.

While Nikhil collected the sweets, Tarun searched inside his bag.

He pulled out a little container.

There were milk toffees in it.

Tarun took a small bag and put about a dozen milk toffees into it.

Then he gave it to the scout from the next tent.

He accepted that with a big "thank you".

Tarun and his friends kept the sweets that they got so they could eat it the following day.

When Tarun laid his head on his pillow he thought about the events of the day.

The scout skills learnt, he knew, were going to be very useful in life.

He also thought about the great sense of unity and generosity among scouts.

He was determined to put what he learnt at the camporee, skills and good qualities, all into

practice, once he left the event.


  • Name three scout skills.
  • What did the scout from the next tent tell Tarun and friends when he was invited inside?
  • What did Tarun resolve finally?