Surprise in Tarun's room

Sunday 31st of July 2016

Surprise in room 2

Tara saw her brother getting busy.

He took a cutting board from the kitchen and took it to his room.

“Aiya, what's that for?” asked Tara, following her brother.

Once they entered his room, Tara was in for a shock.

Right in the middle of Tarun’s room lay a big structure.

It was a big triangular­shaped structure.

It was made of green fabric­like material.

“What is this?” she asked with wide eyes.

“A tent” Tarun answered.

Then it occurred to Tara.

“Of course it’s a tent,” she realized.

“What are you going to do with this tent, Aiya?” she asked.

Tarun started explaining.

A local scout gathering was going to take place the day after.

Such gatherings were called camporees.

It was to be held in the big park in the city.

Tarun being a scout was going to take part in that.

“There will be scouts from other schools in the city as well,” he explained to Tara.

It was going to be an overnight programme.

They were to have several items including games.

“We are going to sleep in tents like these!” he pointed out.

“Why are you going to sleep in tents?” Tara asked out of curiosity.

“There are no rooms in the park. A tent will help us to make do with whatever we have,” he


“Scouting prepares us how to live with the basics, even in a jungle!” said Tarun solemnly.

“This trains us for any situation we might have to face in life. We prepare our own meals also,” he


Tara understood why Tarun took a cutting board from the kitchen.

Tara tried to picture a camporee with tents, scouts and food.

“I would also like to be in a place like that, Aiya” said Tara, gazing at the tent.

“You will get a chance to do that once you grow as big as me!” he said.

“There are camporees for girl scouts and guides,” he explained.

Tara decided that she would go on a camporee when she grew up.


  • What is a camporee?
  • For what does scouting prepare one for, according to Tarun?
  • What did Tara decide on finally?